Single Screw Press

The single screw press is a machine widely used in paper pulp production lines. It has advantages like high product pulp concentration, high pulp washing efficiency, reliable equipment performance, and easy operation and control.

The single screw press is applicable to the black liquor extraction of various chemical pulps and the concentration of chemical pulp, chemi-mechanical pulp, and waste paper pulp. It is especially good for the black liquor extraction of cold spraying low concentration pulp, and can be directly used in the pulp production process without using the initial concentration equipment.

The single screw press is relatively easy to manufacture and requires low investment cost. The concentration of pulp fed in the machine should be 15%~10%, and that of pulp discharged out is 20% ~ 35%.

The Mechanical Structure

A single screw press is mainly composed of the transmission device, the screw shaft, the screen drum, the fixed plate and the moving plate.

The transmission device is composed of a motor, a reducer and a coupling. The motor is frequency conversion motor, the reducer is generally planetary gear reducer, and the coupling is drum tooth structure. The transmission device has the advantages of compact structure, large transmission torque and convenient disassembly.

The Working Principle

The functioning area of a single screw press can be divided into three zones: the low pressure zone, the medium pressure zone, and the high pressure zone. In the process of pulp dehydration, the pulp concentration increases gradually from low pressure zone to high pressure zone.

The single screw press is a conveying extrusion type screw that rotates in the filter frame with variable diameter and variable pitch. During the conveying process of the screw, the volume of the pulp slurry gradually decreases, and the pressure in the machine increases, forcing the liquid to flow out from the filter plate through the disordered fiber layer. At the same time, by adjusting the pressure of the pneumatic back pressure device at the discharge end plug, a compact slurry plug is formed to adjust and stabilize the pulp concentration.

Advantages of Single Screw Presses for Paper Pulp Washing

  • Low rotate speed, low power demand and low noise
  • Special structure design, preventing  pulp slippage , stable discharge consistency
  • High dewatering efficiency, extracting 80% black liquor from the pulp ,drier pulp cake
  • Applicable pulps: straw pulp ,bamboo pulp, bagasse pulp ,wood pulp, etc
  • Enclosure design, preventing smell and black liquor overflow
  • Completely mechanical extrusion dewatering, installation height not needed
Single screw presses used in the paper pulp washing process.

Technical parameters of single screw press(AMDL Series)

Note: Based on Kraft wood pulp.

Model/ItemAMDL-I 600AMDL-I 750AMDL-I 1000AMDL-I 1100AMDL-I 1200AMDL-I 1500
screw Dia.(mm)6007501000110012001500
Capacity (adt/d)40-5050-70100-120120-140140-160180-200
Net Weight(Kg)140001600019000210002400032000
Inlet Consistency(%)8~128~128~128~128~128~12
Outlet Consistency (%)25~3525~3525~3525~3525~3525~35
Model/ SpecificationAMDL-II 600AMDL-II 750AMDL-II 1000AMDL-II 1500
Screw Dia.(mm)60075010001500
Production (Kt/d)50-100100-120200-350500-750
Power (KW)90160315500
Net Weight (Kg)9200125001900038000
Inlet Consistency (%)4~124~124~124~12
Outlet Consistency (%)25~3025~3025~3025~30
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