Single Screw Press

Advantages of single screw presses for paper pulp washing

  • Low rotate speed, low power demand and low noise
  • Special structure design, preventing  pulp slippage , stable discharge consistency
  • High dewatering efficiency, extracting 80% black liquor from the pulp ,drier pulp cake
  • Applicable pulps: straw pulp ,bamboo pulp, bagasse pulp ,wood pulp, etc
  • Enclosure design, preventing smell and black liquor overflow
  • Completely mechanical extrusion dewatering, installation height not needed

Single screw presses used in the paper pulp washing process.

Technical parameters of single screw press(AMDL Series)

Note: Based on Kraft wood pulp.

Model/ItemAMDL-I 600AMDL-I 750AMDL-I 1000AMDL-I 1100AMDL-I 1200AMDL-I 1500
screw Dia.(mm)6007501000110012001500
Capacity (adt/d)40-5050-70100-120120-140140-160180-200
Net Weight(Kg)140001600019000210002400032000
Inlet Consistency(%)8~128~128~128~128~128~12
Outlet Consistency (%)25~3525~3525~3525~3525~3525~35
Model/ SpecificationAMDL-II 600AMDL-II 750AMDL-II 1000AMDL-II 1500
Screw Dia.(mm)60075010001500
Production (Kt/d)50-100100-120200-350500-750
Power (KW)90160315500
Net Weight (Kg)9200125001900038000
Inlet Consistency (%)4~124~124~124~12
Outlet Consistency (%)25~3025~3025~3025~30
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