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How is paper made

Paper is the flake fiber product used for writing, printing, painting or packaging, which is a powerful tool or material in the fields of idea exchange, culture diffusion, science & technology development and production. Generally by the pulping processing, the vegetable fiber in aqueous suspension is interwoven and evenly distributed on the net. And then …

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paper making

How to Make Paper

Paper is one of the most common tools in our daily life. The invention of paper makes it easier for us to write, draw, and read. Paper also plays an essential role in industrial and agricultural production. We can’t imagine our life without paper. Paper is a powerful tool for cultural communication, scientific development and …

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How to Make Paper Pulp

The history of paper making derives from the ancient Egypt, the Egyptians made paper from reeds. Using cotton and linen fibers to make paper spreads to Europe in the 13th century, and people become more and more likely to make rag paper by using fabric, which is a factor  contributes to the development of printing. …

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