paper pulp

Vacuum Drum Washer and Twin Roll Press

Vacuum drum washer and twin roll press are two essential machines used in the pulp washing process of paper pulp manufacturing. Vacuum Drum Washer Introduction The vacuum washer we use is a drum type of vacuum washer, so it is also named vacuum drum washer. The vacuum drum washer provided by CNBM (AM) is the

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Multi disc-vacuum filter application

In recent years, Multi-disc vacuum filter has become more and more popular, because of the problems of resources and the environment have aroused popular concerns in the world. Especially for the paper-making enterprises, it is pretty vital for them to survive. Using the mode of the closed water can not only save water and recycle

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Chemical Pulping and Mechanical Pulping Process

The pulping process is an important link in the papermaking industry. To learn why it is important, we have to start from the pulp. Pulp can be classified mainly into two types by the pulping methods: chemical pulp and mechanical pulp. The chemical pulp is produced through the chemical pulping process, while the mechanical pulp

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paper making processes

How is paper made

Paper is the flake fiber product used for writing, printing, painting or packaging, which is a powerful tool or material in the fields of idea exchange, culture diffusion, science & technology development and production. Generally by the pulping processing, the vegetable fiber in aqueous suspension is interwoven and evenly distributed on the net. And then

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wood pulp lignin for papermaking

What is wood pulp

Wood pulp is a type of material that is created by processing woods, and serves as the basis for the creation of a wide range of paper-based products. Several different processes are utilized to reduce the wood into a form that is ideal for manufacturing different types of paper goods, including paper used in printing

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mechanical pulping equipments

Mechanical Pulping Introduction

In the mechanical pulping process, the wood fibers are separated from each other by mechanical energy applied to the wood matrix causing the bonds between the fibers to break gradually and fiber bundles, single fibers and fiber fragments to be released. It is the mixture of fibers and fiber fragments that gives mechanical pulp the

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