the process flow category and application of paper pulp

Paper Pulp Category and Application

The Category, Application and Property Index of Paper Pulp Paper pulp is the basic raw material of paper making. It is processed and manufactured by paper pulper. The materials used for paper pulp making can be divided into four kinds: stem fiber, bast fiber, hull fiber and wood fiber, in which wood fiber is the

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Dissolving Pulp Digester

Production Process of Dissolving Pulp

Production Process of Dissolving Pulp There are two kinds of production processes of dissolving pulp: sulfate pre-hydrolysis process and sulfite process. Generally, the acid sulfite process can be applied to low content hemi-cellulose of raw material; for high content resin of raw material, the sulfate pre-hydrolysis process must be adopted. Compared to two processes, the

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How do Paper Making Machines work?

How do Paper Making Machines work?

In the process of papermaking, we need paper making machines, drum pulper, paper digester, pulp washer and so on. What’s the working principle of these paper making machines? Dehydration mechanism and characteristics of the table Water mechanism: water attached to copper screen is first scrapped out by front horn. When the copper screen slides over

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vacuum drum washer

Technical principles of oxidation bleaching of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2)

According to different properties and action principals of pulp bleaching agents, the bleaching can be divided into two types: one is oxidation bleaching; the other is reduction bleaching. Oxidation bleaching agent can further remove the residue of lignin and other impurities as well as colored substances, which can not only improve the whiteness and purity

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paper pulp

Vacuum Drum Washer and Twin Roll Press

Vacuum drum washer and twin roll press are two essential machines used in the pulp washing process of paper pulp manufacturing. Vacuum Drum Washer Introduction The vacuum washer we use is a drum type of vacuum washer, so it is also named vacuum drum washer. The vacuum drum washer provided by CNBM (AM) is the

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Multi disc-vacuum filter application

In recent years, Multi-disc vacuum filter has become more and more popular, because of the problems of resources and the environment have aroused popular concerns in the world. Especially for the paper-making enterprises, it is pretty vital for them to survive. Using the mode of the closed water can not only save water and recycle

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