APMP Production Line

The APMP is the abbreviation of Alkaline Peroxide Mechanical Pulp, which is a type of paper pulp obtained above the fiber separation point. The APMP pulping technology was invented in the early 1990s by the Americans; it greatly simplifies the process of paper pulp making, saves around 25% of the cost investment of a paper mill compared to the traditional paper pulping methods. This pulping method is especially ideal for hardwood pulp making, and It is still one of the most advanced pulping technologies today.

The advantages of APMP include low power consumption, high whiteness, long pulp fiber, low environment pollution, and low production cost. 

The Principle of APMP Pulping

The APMP pulping is a two-stage pulping method, which includes chemical pretreatment and mechanical refining post treatment. The chemical pretreatment of APMP is milder than that of the semi chemical pulp. The main reason is that the pretreatment of APMP has no obvious dissolution of lignin in the fiber, but only extracts and some short chain hemicellulose. 

The purpose of chemical pretreatment is to soften the fiber and change the structure of lignin chromogenic genes, such as quinone structure, α – carbonyl structure and conjugated double bond in side chain, so that they can be oxidized and converted into colorless lignin molecules, and the pulp is bleached.

After mild chemical pretreatment, the fiber structure of APMP is only loosened to a certain extent, and it is still in the original state of wood or grass, which requires the mechanical treatment to complete the pulping process. 

The role of mechanical treatment:

  1. The heat generated by friction during treatment is used to heat and soften the wood and grass chips after chemical pretreatment, further weakening the fiber connection; 
  2. Splitting or breaking the connection of the fibers, dissociating them into a single fiber; 
  3. Completing the fine fibrosis of a single fiber, turning the complete fiber part into small fibers with large specific surface area, abd improving their ability to combine.

Alkaline Peroxide Mechanical Pulp production line

APMP Pulping Process

When making paper pulp with the APMP pulping method, the raw materials is extruded by a high compression ration screw before pulping to strengthen the effect of liquid soaking, then the chemicals such as NaOH and H2O2 are added to start the bleaching reaction. That’s how the pulp cooking (pulp digestion) and bleaching process are completed simultaneously in a single chemical pretreatment process. 


  • Conveying screw: Various series specification and diameters conveying Screw, according to different processing requirement, material of spiral conveyer mainly including carbon steel and stainless steel
  • Tearing Machine
  • Heat Recovery Equipment: Atmospheric Scrubber and pressure scrubber.
  • Condensing Equipment.
  • Tanks such as chip silo, latency chest, HC tower, filtrate chest, etc.

The paper pulp manufacturers who currently use our production line equipment include: Jiangsu Jindong Paper Company, Shandong Taiyang Paper Company.

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